"Value creation networks 4.0"

18th - 19th October 2019

About KM FEST Slovenia’21

KM FEST Slovenia’21 is a compilation of three events as follow:

20th Global KM FESTSupport development, exchange, dissemination, and growth of knowledge management of creativity, technological innovations, management of innovation programs, projects and portfolios, development of new competencies and organizational culture of international partnership

Regional KM FEST – SFKSupport to regional industry partnering innovation initiatives, programs, and projects for development, introduction, and promotion of new technologies, business models, competencies and innovation culture

More information about KM FEST Global Collaboration Platform at this link

Annual Development Concerence of the RIC ROBOTOOL 4.0  –  Regional Thematic  Open Research-Innovation Community “Robotization and Digitalization of Manufacturing SMEs

Strategic Development Conference of the CC ROBOFLEX – Facilitating robotics and digitalization’ open innovation community for the identification and development of regional, EU and global collaborative innovation opportunities, and support growth of the CC ROBOFLEX innovation community market, as well as for the searching and promotion of good practices.

More information about the CC ROBOFLEX and its  open innovation community at this link

Open Round Table in the organization of the LENS Living Lab’s core partners of the international research-innovation program “PPiM 4.0 – Program, Project, and Innovation Management 4.0

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