"Value creation networks 4.0"

18th - 19th October 2019

KM FEST Program


1st Day »Robotizatized and Digitalized Workplaces of Smart Manufacturing Processes«

Presentation and discussion about new technologies and business models. Presentation of business cases, technology scenarios, practical experiences concluded with the round table session.

Venue:  Conference Room of the ETRA, Ltd., Celje, Slovenia

1st Day sponsor:
Research Innovation Community RIC ROBOTOOL 4.0, coordinated by ETRA Ltd.
(expert on automation and robotic systems integration)


2nd  Day »Value Chains 4.0’s Management Competencies«

Addressing the emerging challenges of governance and management competencies needs, partnering and collaborative research, innovations, development processes, projects programs, and portfolios. Discussing knowledge base, qualification, certification, and validation issues.

Venue: ZOOM

2nd Day sponsor:  Competence center ROBOFLEX