"Industry & Society 4.0"

23th - 25th September 2019

18th Global KM FEST Festival of Knowledge Management
4th SFK – Slovenian KM FEST
1st Strategic Development Conference of the
Competence Center  (CC) ROBOFLEX

Date:  23-25.9.2019 

Celje, Slovenia

Industry & Society 4.0

“Enabling Technologies, New Business Models and Competencies”


Date:  23-25.9.2019 


1st Day: ETRA Ltd. Celje – Competence Center ROBOFLEX DEMO Center
2nd – 3rd Day:  Faculty of Logistics – University of Maribor, Celje, EU- Slovenia

 KM FEST Slovenia’19 Program Coordination

Prof.Dr. Brane Semolič, LENS Living Lab / Competence Center ROBOFLEX

KM FEST Slovenia’19 Event Project Office

PO Coordinator: Tone Sagadin, M.Sc, Zavod C-TCS / Competence Center ROBOFLEX

KM FEST 1st Day Venue Coordinator: Mojca Golež, ETRA Ltd.
KM FEST 2nd and 3rd Day Venue Coordinator: Ivana Radić, Faculty of Logistics Celje, University of Maribor



There is no registration fee!
Please, assign the KM FEST dates when you want to participate!
Caution: Limited number of places available!

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