"Industry & Society 4.0"

23th - 25th September 2019

In KM FEST Focus


Industry 4.0 organizations are increasingly becoming integral parts of regional and global value chains. It is imperative for modern organizations to have competitive technologies, products, services, and processes embedded and supported by the authentic and efficient regional innovation ecosystems services. An organization can act as integrator, organizer, or partner of a value chain engaged in new technology development and improvement.

Innovation communities of knowledge workers and their global and regional professional ties are the critical components of such emerging innovation ecosystems. Our innovation potentials need to be empowered, amplified by involvement and exploitation of available local, regional, and international business ecosystem innovation potential.

This year KM FEST is a compilation of three events with the primary goal to gather, exchange information between involved industry innovation communities,  and presentation of their Industry 4.0’s robotization and digitalization technologies, business models, with required competencies with an illustration of practical cases. Besides this, the goals are to review and facilitate the local, regional, and global collaboration of associated innovation communities in the network of EU competence centers. The event is co-organized by the Competence center ROBOFLEXTCS – Toolmakers Cluster of Slovenia,  and global virtual living laboratory  LENS Living Lab in collaboration with the innovation community of regional and international partners. This event is sponsored by the regional partnering innovation project ROBOTOOL-1 and partnering EU innovation  project HORSE

Prof.Dr.Brane Semolič
KM FEST Program Coordinator