"Industry & Society 4.0"

23th - 25th September 2019

KM FEST Program

1st Day  –  Value Propositions of Robotics and Digitalization Technologies

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“Robotization and Digitalization Technologies for the Manufacturing Industry 4.0”

  • Presentation of the HORSE pilot competence centers and related technology solution providers (Germany, France, Netherlands, Slovenia), their areas of specialization,  solutions of the existing technology scenarios and solutions, strategic orientations of competence centers/solution providers, and partnering opportunities,
  • Presentation of business cases from Poland, Spain, Germany, and Slovenia,
  • Collaboration areas identification and CC ROBOFLEX regional and international innovation community market development,
  • Visibility growth of the CC ROBOFLEX’ robotization and digitalization open innovation community potential,
  • Open discussion and new initiatives

KM FEST Slovenia 2019 - Program-28-8-2019-1

Moderator of the 1st Day: Dr.Adam Schmidt, TUM, Germany


2nd Day –  Value Proposition of Business Models


“New Business Models of Industry 4.0 Regional and International Innovation Ecosystems”

  • Presentation of practical examples of development and setting up the pilot network of EU competence centers (HORSE Project business case),
  • Presentation of the partnering competence centers – HORSE project business cases from D, F, NL, and SI,
  • Presentation of the regional digital innovation hubs (DIHs) business model practical examples,
  • Industry 4.0 initiatives and experiences from Denmark, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, India, China, and Slovenia
  • Manufacturing industry digital maturity and the perspectives of the globalized industry landscape,
  • Open discussion and new initiatives
 KM FEST Slovenia 2019 - Program-4-9-2019

Moderator of the 2nd Day: Prof.Dr.Brane Semolič, LENS Living Lab & CC ROBOFLEX, Slovenia


3rd Day –  Competencies and Corporate Culture Value Propositions


“Industry 4.0 – New Personal, Organizational Competencies and Corporate Culture Change”

  • Industry 4.0 emerging competencies,
  • International market survey on emerging competencies and related challenges,
  • Presentation of international partnering initiatives for changes,
  • Industry engineering 4.0 and program, project management maturity models,
  • Management consulting and Industry 4.0 challenges
  • Behavioral and organizational challenges of the Industry 4.0 society
  • Open discussion and new initiatives

KM FEST Slovenia 2019 - Program-20-9-2019-3

Moderator of the 3rd Day: Prof.Dr.Brane Semolič, LENS Living Lab & CC ROBOFLEX, Slovenia



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You can download your personal copy of the 18th KM FEST program from this link:
KM FEST Slovenia 2019 – Program-20-9-2019