"Value creation networks 4.0"

18th - 19th October 2021

In this Year FOCUS

General Information

KM-FEST are global open innovation collaborative events for the promotion, development, and exchange of new ideas,  knowledge, solutions, and its dissemination and transfer to the hands of potential users. These are simultaneous research, industrial innovation and professional outreach, collaboration, and social networking events. These events are co-organized by the LENS Living Lab’s partners coming from different countries and continents.

LENS Living Lab is an international non-profit virtual living laboratory organized and enabled by a group of ICT and consulting companies. The LENS Living Lab value proposition is a virtual innovation ecosystem for various industry thematic research-innovation communities, interdisciplinary collaboration initiatives, and open innovation collaboration platforms. 

Competence Center ROBOFLEX
is part of the European network of competence centers specialized for collaborative robots and digitalization technologies for the needs of manufacturing SMEs. This competence center was one of the deliverables of the EU project HORSE, co-funded by Horizon 2020.


In this 20th  KM FEST’21 Focus



The emerging Industry 4.0’s enabling technologies are bringing opportunities for new manufacturing business models and profound corporate and societal changes.  These changes’ main characteristics are an urgent need to understand and exploit companies’ key competencies, enabled by their value chain’s internal and external innovation ecosystems. The main characteristics of these new manufacturing landscapes are the open innovation culture of continuous improvements and the search for more competitive solutions.  With their business, professional, and social networks, knowledge workers, supported by collaborative culture and proper leadership, become the main drivers of Industry 4.0 business success. The capability to collectively recognize and exploit the personal, organizational, and regional potential is one of the critical competencies of modern knowledge-based businesses. Successful partnering of such knowledge innovation communities presents the essence of effective and efficient Industry 4.0 enterprises.

The 20th KM FEST’21  focuses on Industry 4.0, enabling technologies for smart manufacturing, co-innovated by industry value chain partners and emerging collaborative program, project, and innovation management competencies.


Brane Semolič
KM FEST Program Coordinator
LENS Living Lab & Competence Center ROBOFLEX